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Industrial Executive Survey Discovers Leadership Deficit and Reshoring Trend

Stanton Chase International has today released highlights from a survey of senior global industrial sector executives. The survey suggests that the global industrial sector is undergoing resurgence despite ongoing financial and economic uncertainty and intense global competition. More than just optimism, the survey also reveals several new strategic directions for global industrial firms as well as some significant challenges.
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Nomination of Karine Becker to the role of Global Diversity Lead for Stanton Chase International

For businesses, and in the current context of globalization, diversity and gender balance is a priority in their recruitment policies. Stanton Chase International, one of the 10 largest executive search firms in the world, just appointed Karine Becker to the role of Global Diversity Lead.
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Stanton Chase`s Global Technology Practice Grows 27%

Technology as a segment of economy is often the first sector impacted by an economic downturn. However, it is also often the first sector of business, which revives, announcing a more prosperous economic climate. The growth of the technology practice with 27% for the first half of 2013 in comparison to the same period for 2012 is stimulating, yet to be put in perspective.
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A Study on Talent Management in Swiss NPOs

Conducted by Stefan Hofer, Stanton Chase International (Schweiz) AG

The area of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) is currently undergoing a process of transformation in terms of professionalism. Swiss studies to date have failed to consider the extent to which this professionalization is having an impact on the recruitment processes and talent management of NPOs. In order to fill this gap and obtain a better insight into the implications of this transformation on the HR management of NPOs, the executive search company Stanton Chase International (Schweiz) AG carried out a qualitative study. This study involved surveying 19 HR managers from national and international NPOs, and focused particularly on the profiles of NPO employees and competencies that have been lacking so far, as well as on the recruitment process and talent retention.
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